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The relationship between the Sorority and the Foundation is extremely important and requires open and official communications between the executive leadership Boards and officers of each organization.

Therefore, the executive leadership and officers of the two organizations will work on a joint resolution of understanding and will adopt official communication and informational links such as:

  • Each organization will supply the other with copies of the minutes and attached information of each official meeting of its respective governing Board.

  • The National Sorority will invite the Executive Director and Foundation Board President to duly called meetings of the sorority National Interlink Board. The Foundation will invite the sorority National President, National Director of Fundraising, and National Director of Scholarship to duly called meetings of the Foundation Board of Trustees.

  • Each meeting of the Foundation Board of Trustees shall include status reports on the financial position of the Foundation, the latest investment reports (when applicable), and the status of fundraising programs and efforts. Likewise, each meeting of the Sorority National Board shall include a status report on the condition of the sorority and the status of sorority programs, including but not limited to programs being funded by the Foundation.

  • Representatives of each governing Board and selected staff persons shall be invited to strategic planning meetings of the other. Each Board shall recognize in its minutes that it understands and acknowledges the major goals of the Sorority and Foundation respectively.

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